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Waarom HPRC koffers

HPRC (High performance resin cases)

TTX01 material confers the cases characteristics to withstand to impacts, drops and pressures thanks to its high resistance together with elasticity. An HPRC case used in extreme temperature conditions (both warm and cold) never lose its own distinctive characteristics (Granted range of temperature is -40°C +80°C). HPRC cases are watertight, dust – humidity – acids, ashes and sand proof. Cases withstand drops and impacts: a tool of transport not comparable to any other in the market for protection. Do not forget that TTX01 makes HPRC cases lighter in comparison to the average of the market. Maximum protection and light weight.


HPRC line has passed severe tests based on national and international standards (e.g. ATAs 300, IP67, STANAG 4280, DS 81 -41). Such tests and certifications guarantee and attest the quality of the product and its duration in the time.
The Quality System were we produce HPRC cases is ISO9001 certified, to confirm the particular attention and interest in maintaining the product to the maximum levels.
Above mentioned points guarantee the customer he is buying high quality - 100% made in Italy cases.


Our designers, long experienced in the sector of technical cases, have developed special hard, hit – resistant corners. The angle of a rigid case is one of the more exposed points in drops and often in impact situations and are also the areas that first break in climatic adverse conditions (cold temperatures). For this reasons we committed particular attention to this detail. The same attention that can be seen in other parts of the HPRC case.


TTX01 and the use of materials such as the aluminum for the trolley versions, allow to get the final weight of the cases up to 25% lighter in comparison to the competitors models. A very light case has unquestionable advantages such as transport and shipment costs savings. Our priority has been, since the beginning, the creation of a case that would associate lightness to maximum protection. The development of TTX material continues: the search for lightness with the highest protection is a key point for our company. 


The two phases latches opening system developed by Plaber, besides guaranteeing a great fluidity in the movement, prevents any accidental and unwanted opening of the hooks in cases of drop. Also the positioning in the bottom part of the shell, in comparison to the opposite choice of our competitors, was done with the aim to facilitate the opening. These two important and exclusive characteristics, make HPRC cases unique, ergonomic and protective.


HPRC handles have been developed in order to offer HPRC customers an high ergonomic level together with high resistance not forgetting a strong-looking product. The importance of the handle on a case is a key-point: it is the part among who carries and the weight. For this reason we have been the first ones to develop this important detail. And not only: also the handle of the trolleys enjoy this characteristic. Max comfort when the case is dragged.


HPRC line distinguishes itself from the competition for the unmistakable Italian style; this style makes HPRC cases particularly sought by all the users who desire to gather quality, handiness and a touch of unique style.


TTX01® material makes the walls of the HPRC shell more elastic and thinner than our competitors, increasing the shockproof degree, the lightweight and resistance on extreme temperatures. 


The investments in R&D allowed Plaber to offer the market innovative materials and products such as the material TTX01® and, first in the world, the indestructible and watertight backpack HPRC3500; this makes Plaber a recognized market leader for innovations.